The Canadian Society for Life Science Research (CSLSR) is a national non-profit organization that brings together Canadian researchers to promote life science research, including Public Health.

Mission: 1) to support and to encourage academic research and collaboration amongst students and professionals in the life science area and 2) to facilitate and to enhance the value of communication between academia and industry in the life science area.

Vision: The CSLSR sees researchers at the forefront of innovations and discoveries that will improve the health care system and enhance knowledge translation so that the importance of scientific discoveries may be understood by the general population.

Services: The CSLSR strives to provide its members with the best experience in their scientific education and professional development by giving them the unique opportunity to present their research at an annual conference. In addition, members have the chance to learn from a diversity of backgrounds through the website, the quarterly newsletter, and an annual publication. The CSLSR also helps bring students together with potential supervisors for summer or graduate life sciences research work. The CSLSR will soon establish a mentoring programme so that members that are more advanced in their careers can provide valuable advice to younger members.

To find out more, please visit www.cslsr.ca.

The purpose of this blog – NEW in 2009 – is for young Canadian researchers to share their thoughts and opinions on the current changes in life sciences, research, and health care in Canada as well as their global implications.


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