The Health Council of Canada Wants You To Speak Up!

March 4, 2009

Health care in Canada accounts for 40% of provincial budgets, $172 billion was spent last year nationwide. While the economy continues to slump into recession, it’s time to examine how funding is being allocated, and how to make our money worker harder and more efficiently.

The Health Council of Canada is asking Canadians to voice their opinions by visiting The website is an interactive forum, which allows visitors the chance to debate issues, post their views and engage with others.

Everyone is encouraged to participate – feedback will be presented to the public and government officials. This is an excellent opportunity to be heard! The CSLSR is hopeful our membership will get involved and emphasize the importance of research grants.

The ultimate vision of the CSLSR is to bring student researchers together at the undergraduate, graduate, professional and post-graduate levels. This will create an opportunity for academics and clinician-scientists to exchange information and knowledge,with the aspiration of transforming clinical theories and research into practical applications.

Each year CSLSR members are given the unique opportunity to present their research at our annual conference. Without research grants from various government organizations, this opportunity might not be available. Collaborative research between academics and scientists is fundamental to the improvement and advancement of Canada’s health care system.

On behalf of the CSLSR we urge you to get online and share your thoughts – together let’s keep research at the forefront of Canada’s health care budget!

We want to hear from you too! Please check out the site ( and send us your comments/discussion points to post on our blog.